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Our leading honeymoon destinations ideal locations provide the ideal post-wedding tear, whether you’re looking for beach joy or bucket list adventure. From rock- clinging temples to subtropical trees, you’ll get all manner of wonders and reminiscences that last a lifetime.

The Seychelles, home to the rare Aldabra giant snail, has picturesque beaches, upscale accommodations, and a wealth of animals to top the list. The beach heaven of Maui, which enchants people with its soaring volcanoes, memorable landscapes, and foodie lunch, is in second spot. Maui is also home to a number of luxury resorts where newlyweds can indulge in spa treatments, a romantic helicopter ride or visit a black pearl or vanilla bean farm.

South Africa is a new hotspot for honeymoons thanks to glamorous beaches, big-city activity, wild landscapes ( including Boulders Beach, a penguin-colonized location ), and quick access to wine country. The country’s stunning culture and countless opportunities to enjoy it, from dining and shopping to hiking and exploring the famed Table Mountain, are perhaps the most alluring attractions.

A trio of Us cities complete the top five, each offering something different to couples, from the steep hills and distinctive architecture of San Francisco to Las Vegas ‘ casinos, bars, and coffee dates. Denver has a vibrant culture of its own, with restaurants and breweries all over, while Texas ‘ Austin is renowned for its live music and Dallas for its upscale shopping and world-class golf. And finally, the Caribbean island of Antigua and barbuda charms with its stunning beaches, fine dining and luxurious resorts.

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