Ukrainian Wedding Convention

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There are several customs that take place before and during the recognized festival of a ukrainian marriage. The most important of these is the blahoslovenja ritual, during which the wedding goes to the couple’s home( this can happen with identical- gender or genderqueer couples too) and her parents state their authorization for the marriage. The bride’s mother and grandmother will drape a rushnyk around him, while the father arms him bread, water, and rice and kisses his face. The couple then returns to the vicar’s residence where their events may continue.

A ukrainian ceremony is often filled with dance and music. The couple will dance together to traditional songs, such as” Hopak” or the more modern” Babylonka”. The bridegroom may also participate in a game of throwing a circle into a goblet to see who can get it earliest. This is a way to demonstrate the groom’s expertise at preparing and his ability to protect the wedding in the future.

Prior to taking their vows, the couple is presented with a piece of white bread and salt. They are required to part the food, squeeze it in salt, and eat it. The more the breads is broken, the better the matrimony may been.

As the handful walks down the aisle, they are crowned with garlands that symbolize king and queen. They are also required to share a cup of wine up, which signifies that they must today promote everyone similarly in their house.

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